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Contact and about me

You can contact me by email with mail@danielbottlaender.com or with instagram @danielbottlaender.

I'm Daniel, 19 years old, I'm riding bikes since a very long time ; I started photography by taking pictures of wild animals, but they are too impatient in my opinion. So I asked my friends to shoot them and then I specialized myself in photographying action sports. To take pictures of a sport, we must know the sport, so I do. Beside extreme sports photography and videography, I'm doing some cinema shit. I started producing my first long-movie at 18 years old, called The Dead Side. It's my biggest project so far, but it's only the beggining of my carrer. I hope you'll like my work, but if you don't, you miss something :)

🇫🇷  Based in Vosges, Alsace
📷  Camera : Sony A7RII, samyang VDSLR prime lenses
🔜  Red Komodo cinema digital camera
🖥️  Workflow : Mac Mini M1 2021, working on DaVinci Resolve (video editing) and Darktable (photos processing)