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Shooting with Mathéo Geyer at the Ballon d'Alsace, July 30 2021

To participate to the world's greatest action sports photography contest Redbull Illume this year, I did this last minute photoshoot. We came to the Ballon d'Alsace with Mathéo to have nice views. This place is really awesome in the Vosges.

Mathéo Geyer jumping by mtb in Vosges
"That tree looks cool, let's ride beside"

Mathéo Geyer walking with his new Cannondale enduro bike 2021
Searching for a spot to ride

Mathéo Geyer riding a very steep spot
Mathéo riding a very steep place ; this is a RAW photo, #nofilter

Mathéo Geyer riding forest stairs by mtb in Vosges with his new Cannondale mtb
Wild forest stairs

Mathéo Geyer riding mountain rocky stairs by mtb with his new Cannondale mountainbike
Another stairs spot to ride

Mathéo Geyer riding away in the Vosges with a nice landscape
Far away but still here riding

Mathéo Geyer carrying his new Cannondale mountainbike
Green valley